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Astrology gives the information, Tarot shows the way - Hajo Banzhaf

Interview by Baris Ilhan, Spring 2005



When we consider your professional background, we would like to ask why and how you started to deal with Tarot?


It came to me – as it is typical for Tarot – incidently. I was almost 30 and had never heard of Tarot before when I was introduced to a Polish lady at a party in Munich and someone told me that she did Tarotreadings. I asked her for an appointment and she gave me the last free space in her time schedule which was the next day at midnight. The reading that she gave me was so impressive that I went to the bookstore the next day to by Tarotcards and an introduction book. I do not know the name of that mysterious lady, I do not know where she lives, so I have no chance to thank her for the great path that she opend for me.


What means Tarot for you?


Tarot is a phanatstic instrument for a deep understanding of oneself and of the way through life. It is a first class advisor and compagnion that helps to make decisions or tells you what to do next – if you want to reach a certain goal.


Why Tarot and Astrology go together in your studies?


Astrology is wonderful to understand the whole, and Tarot helps you to understand the detail. If a client seeks advice in his professional life, than the horoscope gives a lot of information about the gifts, the talents and the personal interest of the person. But if – at last -the question comes to whether to work for Yapi Kredi Bank or for Is Bank, than it is quite easy to answer that question with Tarot and very had to answer it with Astrology.


How did the idea of the Path come up as a laying system and a book?


I was looking for a laying method that could be used for all areas of life. And as the Path answers questions such as: What can I do to achieve such and such a thing? What can I do to improve my situaton in this or that field? it is a perfect spread for all kind fields of interest. You can ask: What can I do to find a good place to live? Just as well: What can I do to find a good job? ... to find the love of my life?  ... to overcome the troubles in my relationship? ... to improve my financial situation? ... and so on. The path will always show you, if there is a realistic chance at the time of your question (and if not, you should ask the same question some six months later) and what you can do to make the best out of that chance.


What is your advice to the learners of Tarot for better interpretation?


Understand that Tarot is kind of a language. The pictorial language of the soul (like you find it as well in your dreams). The more you speak the language the better you speak it.


Do all interpretations done by an expert, for example by you, come true?


No. Tarot shows a tendency that is very likely at the time you ask the question. But the answer of the cards is not absolutely binding. The reason is simple. The future is open and not prefabricated. It depends on what we make out of it. Let us say the question is: Will I succeed in my examination? Even if the cards are very positive, you will fail if you do not show up at the test. Our future is largely the consequence of our actions and decisions in the past and the presence. For this reason the near future is prepared by what we have done in the (recent) past. But the farer the future is the more it is difficult if not impossible to make a reliable prediction.


How do you see the situation of Tarot in the world today? Is there really an increase in interest  towards Tarot and similar diciplines? If yes, why? What is your opinion?


There is no doubt that there is a world wide interest in Tarot that is still increasing. I believe that this is because people want to understand deeper, they want to see the reality behind the reality they are looking for advices from other sources as our intelect.


What is oracle/divination? Is it a matter of an answer as just yes or no?


No, never. Oracles are not made to take the responsibilty from your shoulders and to make decisions for you – although they are very helpful when making decisions.The most famous oracle the world ever knew was the Oracle of Deplhi that was active for more than 1000 years and it was well respected even by very critical philopsphers like Platon and Socrates. And - at the beginning of the 6th century bC - it was none less than Thales of Milet, who is called in the history of phliosophy “the eldest of the 7 wise men of the old world”, who had the famous inscription placed over the entry of the temple in Delphi which said “Know thyself!". Thus he made the deeper sense of all oracles obvious and clear. The major function of all oracles is to help you to understand yourself and that includes to understand your way through life. So Astrology and Tarot helps you to understand your personality, your talents, gifts, as well as your shadow sides, but also the present quality of the time, and that includes the tasks and challenges that you are facing now and in the next future.


Which book of yours is your favorite?


There is no doubt. My absolute favorite which is, as we use to say in German, written with the blood of the heart is: Tarot and the Journey of the Hero.


What are your projects for the future and is there a new book on the way? 


There is on book forthcoming very shortly. It is called the Tarot Advisor. And there are two more projects I am working on: Tarot and the Mysticy of numbers will be ready early next year, and Tarot and Alchemy is a project without time limit. I guess it will take many more years before it is complete.


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